About Mollie


Hello! I am Mollie Larsen. Nice to e-meet you and welcome to Mollie et Moi! 

I found myself spending a lot of money on new bags, clothes and things I didn't need- mostly trendy items that would not work for the next season. Little by little, at least $10 at a time, it became a waste of money and time I spent maintaining my ideal closet. All the spending made me addicted to shopping and turned me into a stressed shopper where I would shop when I felt down and depressed. The not so good part of the fashion industry is that it produces 10% of annual global carbon emission due to the energy used during its production, manufacturing, and transportation. In general, the fashion industry produces over 92 million tons of waste per year and 79 trillion litres of water per year.

I figured I needed to change and do something better to help myself from shopping unconsciously and reduce the fashion shopping expenses I put in my bank account. 

What if I could create something that would be in during any season while spending less money? What if I shared it with my IG family first to see what they think?

I took it to my Instagram @CuratedByMollie late 2020 before the holiday season started. Asking all of my followers to pick what they liked and disliked and if I should curate a box filled with all the goodies? Were they in if I was able to make the box come true? I got the answer "YES", and that's the beginning of Mollie et Moi. 

I am a one-woman show in this business, but I love doing what I do. Each week I would post a poll on my Instagram Stories and get input from my followers so that I can create a box with lasting style items people will love. 

From finding products, ordering them, designing certain pieces, working on the branding, building my website, packing, and much more, I'm doing it all. I hope my creation and curation will help you fulfil your dream closet without sacrificing your time and money. All products aim to hand down to the next season or even the next generation.  

Outside of Mollie et Moi, I'm a lifestyle blogger, digital influencer, business owner of From Plants Beauty, and entrepreneur. I have a love for modern, chic, and neutral styles. I created Mollie et Moi to help my social media friends find and pay for what they love! I believe in supporting other women and all things cruelty-free.

Outside of work, I'm a mom of two daughters, a wife to my loving and supportive husband, a daughter to my single mother, a big sister to my brother and sister, and a friendly human; you can call me a friend.

I hope you enjoy this journey with me. 

With love,



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